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The BHHcast welcomes prolific content creator and comedian Gianmarco Soresi to the show for another three segments of lightning rounds and fun. Who would win between a self-aware crab the size of the State of Maine and the US Military? Who would win in an all out war between the employees of CVS and the Home Depot? And, who would win in a battle between a person who can read minds and someone who can see twenty seconds into the future? These are a just a few of the lightning round questions Gianmarco answers in this episode.

Gianmarco was the winner of Amazon’s Comics Watching Comics Season 8, and his comedy has been feature all around including on Netflix, PBS and Vanity Fair.  Catch him on tour in a city near you soon (latest tour dates available at .  Gianmarco is also an accomplished sketch writer and developer of web series content, and a seasoned actor you can see in the movie Hustlers, TBS’s The Last OG, CBS’s Blue Bloods, Netflix’ Bonding, ABC”s Deception, Comedy Central, TruTV and the upcoming Billy Crystal/Tiffany Haddish film called Here Today. 

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