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Who wins in a battle between an army of 50,000 twelve year olds hopped up on Mountain Dew led by Alexander the Great vs. 25,000 average twenty year olds high on cocaine led by Napolean?

Just a sample of the lightning round questions facing today’s guest, mischievous comedian Mitch Fatel on the award winning comedy podcast, The BHHcast. One of the all time leaders in requests on satellite radio, Mitch has performed stand up comedy around the world, appeared on Letterman and the Tonight Show and is a regular in New York’s famed Comedy Cellar.

Is the song Kung Fu Fighting the key to solving the world’s problems? You find yourself in the midst of the Purge and can bring one animal to defend you, what would it be? And, just who is Kitty Armadillo and what is her relation to biker Mad Dog Kitty?  Hear Mitch’s answers to these lightning round questions from the Shepherds and amazing stories from his comedy rock star days. This is a half-hour you won’t want to miss.

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